Working Paper

Price elasticity of demand is rural mini-grids has not received much attention so far, even if it has a critical impact on how tariffs should be regulated and set, and how grants and subsidies should be structured. In this paper we explore its implications and call for more research on this relevant topic.


Hosted by Nico Peterschmidt, CEO of INENSUS

Drawing on nearly two decades of experience, Nico and guests explore real-life experiences with mini-grid companies in Africa and Asia. The podcast challenges the sector’s status quo, inviting listeners of all backgrounds to engage in discussions and knowledge-sharing for a sustainable future.


Press Release

Decentralized Utilities may now use the next level of MicroPowerManager to lower their operational cost, increase their operational efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. Download the press release to find out more.


Partnership with SustainSolar to demonstrate the viability of Green Crypto Mining

We have developed a concept to overcome demand risk enabling any minigrid to generate reliable cash flows at low investment costs. Decentralised AI controlled crypto miners convert surplus electricity into cryptocurrency.


ARE February Newsletter 2022: Productive Use of Renewable Energy & Industrialisation

In many rural areas of Africa, Asia and South America, remote communities have amazing wealth. They own or control farmland, livestock, mineral resources, or precious stones. For most of these communities, however, their wealth does not translate into prosperity…


A pilot project by VOLT-TERRA with support from PREO

By using electricity from the minigrids operated by VOLT-TERRA in Uganda, we process and market locally grown vanilla and chilli based on a block-farming approach.

Solar powered test centre for second-life li-ion batteries

The service provider founded in early 2021 and based in Goslar, Germany, cooperates with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) and breaks even during first year of operation.

Commissioned by UNIDO, in partnership with the AfDB, ARE and AMDA

Mini-grids have been identified as a critical tool towards achieving universal electricity access by governments, donors and private sector actors alike. To enable the sustainable deployment of mini-grids, the public and private sector need to cooperate…


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