We transform the rural electrification sector by advising on policy, regulation and financing, developing innovative business models and providing technology transfer.

Policy, Regulation & Financing

Minigrid markets can only emerge if the necessary policy and regulatory frameworks as well as adapted financing mechanisms are created. With our advisory services, we support policy makers, development institutions and donors in the development and implementation of appropriate frameworks and programmes.

Market research is often the basis for developing optimised programmes and successful projects. We conduct in-depth survey to determine the viability of sector-wide minigrid programmes by donors or individual minigrid projects by private developers.

We work directly with energy ministries and regulators of national electricity markets in the development of policies and dedicated minigrid regulations and actively support their implementation deploying our technical, economic and legal experts.

We support international donors in developing funding programmes and mechanisms for individual, sector-wide, regional or multinational minigrid projects, including procurement concepts, tender evaluations and grant allocations.

Business models

Based on the development and testing of innovative business models with our subsidiaries in Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda, we support private minigrid developers in optimising their business models and implementing their operating strategies, as well as investors in evaluating the economic viability of minigrid companies as investment opportunities.

We support companies that are new to or already active in the market in developing or optimising their business models and implementing pilot or scale-up projects. Our support covers the entire minigrid project cycle, from site analysis, financial modelling, system design, to procurement and system build.

We provide minigrid operators with tools that enable them to optimise their operational processes, reduce operating costs and thus increase the profitability of their businesses. For this, we apply tools such as our MicroPowerManager and other solutions developed by our IT department.

On behalf of international investors, we carry out technical and economic due diligences of existing minigrid companies and planned projects in order to determine the expected profitability, identify risks and discover new potentials.

Technology transfer

We support the development of electrification markets in general and individual minigrid developers and projects in particular through knowledge and technology transfer. With our electro-mechanical workshop and laboratory, we provide valuable technical expertise and trainings covering all aspects of the minigrid and renewable energy system value chains.

We perform detailed system design and parameterization of power systems, integrate customised system controls based on our microcontroller operated platforms, and provide documentation with technical circuit diagrams and installation manuals for our customers as we do for our own minigrid projects.

We support private project developers and public organisations in the development of tender documents such as technical specifications and BoQs specifically adapted for minigrids, in the evaluation of tenders and in procuring the power generation and distribution components from international and local markets.

We offer complete EPC solutions, including the design and supply of complete minigrid systems, as well as the installation and test operation of components such as solar PV, wind, battery, diesel generator and low and medium voltage distribution networks. This is accompanied by respective training modules offered by us.

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